Dievole. A thousand years of history, a future ready to begin.  The root of the word DIEVOLE comes from “Dio vuole” or “God Willing” and records of the ancient vineyard date back as far as 1090.


Today, Dievole covers an area of 400 hectares within the Chianti Classico territory in Vagliagli, about 12 km north of Siena. Beginning from 450 meters above sea level, the medieval hamlet where Villa Dievole is perched, overlooks the valley in which the estate slopes down to the southeast in gentle rolling hills ending at an altitude of around 300 meters.


Here wine and extra virgin olive oil have been produced for nearly a thousand years, often struggling with a difficult climate. The “Chiantigiano” microclimate makes no exceptions for Dievole, where the winters are harsh and often snowy, and, after a few months of spring tranquility, are followed by hot and sunny summers. Only at the end of September does the sun turn mild and the temperatures go down; slowly the landscape turns ablaze with autumn colors.


At Dievole, the soil, the climate and the experience and expertise of those who work there, make Chianti Classico unique, a legacy of the long history that Dievole will pass on to future generations.


Currently there are 80 hectares of vineyards, of which 55 are in production. They are situated at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level and divided into 16 plots. Each plot has a specific profile mirroring the soil, the exposure and the microclimate. The remaining 25 hectares will be going into production over the next few years.


These vineyards have calcareous soil with an abundance of pebbles and stones as well as clay, sand and marl. Given the vastness of the vineyards, the soils differ significantly from one end to the other, giving the wine a delightful mosaic of nuances.


Most of the area is planted with Sangiovese, but other traditional vines from Tuscany and from the Chianti Classico area are also present, such as Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, Colorino, as well as varieties of white grapes such as Trebbiano, and Malvasia Bianca in San Colombano.  Dievole’s objective is to recover the character of the historically indigenous Tuscan grapes and transfer it into the glass with the utmost respect for the authenticity of the terroir and of varietal identity.

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