Our earth, our heritage....

"slowly dies the one who do not pursue a dream"

The love of our land has been in our family forever:  our heart and our mind has been always expressed in the Franciacorta sweet landscape.
We see the sun as a conductor of unusual instruments, where the winds play violins, the rain the cellos and the beating hail, the tympanum.

Francesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Roberto and Pia Donata are the 5 siblings of their generation. They are entrusted to protect the land, its products and its qualities, to honor it and not to abuse it, to preserve the past, to bring their experience to bear and to set the stage for the new generations. To perpetuate the family’s great intangible wealth of history and culture. 70 Hectares, of DOC and DOCG vineyards in Franciacorta with ecologically sensitive growth.are the only source of our products.No grapes are bought from outside and none are sold in order to preserve the purity and quality of our wines. Cesare Ferrari is the oenologist who for more then thirty years has supported our efforts to continuously produce superior quality and taste with his passion and professionalism.

Francesco, Gabriella, Marcello, Roberto and Pia Donata, own the Fratelli Berlucchi Winery. They strive to improve vines and wines every year, with solemn respect for the history and traditions perpetuated by their father Antonio in the modern era, and by centuries of generations before him.

The winery is in the heart of Franciacorta, surrounded by the morainic hills of the prealpine lanscape. Wine is produced using only those grapes which come from 70 Hectares of owned vineyards which are DOCG( “Denomination Origin Controlled and Guaranteed” ) and DOC, (“Denomination Origin Controlled”).

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