La Togata Winery is a small winery with vineyards in the South of Montalcino and wine cellars in the Argiano area.  The company philosophy is that of researching in depth to achieve exceptional quality instead of focusing on quantity.


La Togata Winery is situated in an ancient 1600 farmhouse, originally connected to the Castle of Argiano. The vineyards are situated at different levels and are exposed to the sun all day long. The age of vines, from which the Brunello wine is produced, is over twenty years old.


The winery aims to achieve a very limited quantity of bottles of Brunello di Montalcino, with the unique characteristic of body, elegance and aroma. The vines are in excellent conditions and the grapes are pruned twice. During the harvest, the main criterion of choice is to harvest three grapes out of five. After this, the grapes are again subject to another selection in the Cellar, where they are processed according to old traditions. The wine, after maturing for three years in barrels, is refined for at least twelve months in bottles before it is sold. The wine is deep red, with a fruity bouquet, well-balanced and smooth, particularly elegant and with a pleasant aftertaste.

The wine lends itself towards a long life.