The company was founded in 1925 by Aurelio Poletti.

Since then it continues to offer high quality products and services, thanks to the commitment of the founder, of his descendants and of many honest and hard workers.   Proud of its long tradition of winemaking, the company owns about 50 hectares of vineyards and develops its activity in its own two establishments for winemaking, storage and wine bottling.  Employing the most modern technologies (certified ISO 9001:2008), we produce and bottle wine obtained from grapes harvested in our own vineyards and from others purchased from selected Italian growers, yielding a production of 20 million liters of wine per year.

Already proud of its brands “Vite d’Or”, “Simphonia”, “Castellaccio” and “Cantine Fabri”, a new top quality label has been created, aimed at the most exclusive segment of the market: “La Sagrestana”.

This exclusive product line owes its name to the first estate that Poletti family planted with vines, which was in fact known as “La Sagrestana”.

The farm, located in a very favorable position, was planted with traditional, local varieties from the Romagna region such as Sangiovese.  After starting with locally grown grapes such as Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Albana and Trebbiano, the range has expanded and now includes about 25 different wines from other major Italian wine growing regions.  This way the company is able to offer its customers a constant genuineness and a better service, thanks to a vast selection of products, a flexible production and the employment of the most modern technologies.

Through its products, specifically thought for different consumer styles, Casa Vinicola Poletti manages to position itself in the market satisfying the requests of many distribution channels, achieving a vast sales network both in Italy and abroad.

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