Vincenzo Bertola, the owner of Pratello, loves to talk about his company and his wines.

He is driven by an ambition, to make Pratello a house which is able to offer a little sip of Garda in every bottle, but also to displace the platitudes and clichés focusing on rather unusual varieties and complex wines, which often aim to go beyond the identity of the area, but see them as an alternative to the more traditional types. 


"The quality comes from the vineyards. We first tried to understand where we were, and then to match the crops to the soil and climate of the area. All this is developed through a continuous dialogue with industry experts, and especially with my father Dante who founded the company and who still is by my side, he is the true soul of Pratello agriculture"


An amazing encounter with nature, simple and effective:  Lake Garda is dozing and the heat from it is and slowly warming the earth, the vineyards, the olive trees and the people around it. Here everything is at peace, everything is about tradition and the farmers with their wrinkles carved by the sun and the wind talks about the experience with ancient quality and the honesty in products grown on this land, the Brescia side of the lower Garda Lake.


The company is located on a small hill behind the castle of Padenghe, 200 meters from here you can view the lake from the south in Sirmione to Monte Baldo in the north.

Pratello is a company entrenched in tradition with a long history that has its roots back in 1860, it was in this year that Pratello was first spoken about as a business.

Since then, vines and olive trees have become the most important crops for Pratello, although today Pratello has reached an area of 140 hectares with 66 hectares of vineyards of which at least a dozen were completely redone in 2000 and where the density is from 8500 plants / ha to 6250 plants / ha.


The farm is certified organic a goal achieved in 2004, "a choice imposed by our philosophy of life," says Vincenzo Bertola, now owner of the company.

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